Bangkok Nightlife 2016 - VLOG 66

Bangkok Nightlife 2016 - VLOG 66 Soi Cowboy / Nana Plaza



A VLOG from April 2016 taken at Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza in Bangkok, Thailand. There is also some footage late night on Soi 4 in this video.

The parts of this video are:

0:00 Skytrain to Nana Station and a Mexican food place
1:01 Crazy House bar, Soi 23
2:04 Soi Cowboy
8:35 Moto Taxi ride from Soi 23 to Soi Nana
10:26 Nana Plaza
13:05 Soi 4 late at night


I went to Charley Brown's Mexican Cantina, Sukhumvit Soi 11 on this night. It is probably my favourite place for mexican food in Bangkok. It can get very busy so it's best to book a table if there are more than 2 of you. To get there turn left at the Villa Market and walk past 'Cheap Charlies' bar down the alley and it's set amongst a string of international restaurants on the left.

Crazy House gogo bar:

This place is considered the best and raunchiest gogo bar in Bangkok. They have birthday suit dancers inside so it pulls in a big crowd even early on It's really hard to get a seat later so I went there first thing this night ;)

I had one of those 'Mind Blown / Is this real life?' moments as when I entered I headed straight for the lift to check out upstairs first. I was sober as a judge and a good looking and fully naked girl joined me for the ride upstairs. So literally ten seconds after entering the bar I'm sharing a lift alone with a clothless beauty :)

It was one of those times where you pinch yourself and think that this would never happen in any country other than Thailand.

I'm happy to say that the Crazy House music has been turned down a notch or 2 inside so it makes staring into the sea of nakedness much more bearable.

Also of note, drinks are up to 170 baht now (prices are creeping up fast), and each receipt had to be signed by the recipient.

I think they must have had some recent complaints with people's bills for this to be enforced. I welcome it TBH as if you are drinking in a group of people on one bill things can get out of hand quickly.

For the motorbike ride a taxi driver decided to make a right turn from the middle lane almost taking us out. Then after that my rider decided to hang out in the blind spot of another taxi.

I've only had one crash in years of taxing Bkk moto taxis, and I'm probably due another one so maybe it's time to stop using them sooner rather than later.

Taking a taxi late from around Soi 4 or near Soi Cowboy:

It can be very frustrating when taxi drivers won't do their jobs and give you a metered fare to your destination. It's all because they are looking for nightclub customers as the kickbacks drivers receive for delivering customers can be juicy.

Don't bother with parked up taxis as they always quote you a flat fee. Also, don't bother with shiny clean looking taxis who pull up while simultaneously winding their window down, they will want an off the meter flat fee or to take you to a nightclub.

The best strategy is to wave down an average looking, maybe a little scruffy taxi. They are normally just regular Bangkok Taxi drivers passing through and not regulars in the area. They will be more than happy to take you to your desired location with the meter turned on. Sure, the taxi won't be brand spanking new, but at least you will pay the going rate.

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1st song:
IZECOLD - Close (feat. Molly Ann) [NCS x FHM Release]


Molly Ann:

2nd song for the Motorbike part:
Interstellar Dust - paradelous