Fake Professional Piano Player

Become a pro piano player without any lessons. Learn how to use simple piano triad chords (3 notes on each hand) to emulate a professional piano player. Just remember what note you started on each hand (white keys are easiest) and copy it over as you go higher and higher into a different octave. These are called ascending and descending Arpeggios. When you reach the right side, repeat in the opposite direction (like a Shepard tone). Repeat the cycle, but vary the chord (start a few notes higher or lower). If you do it fast enough (with some practice), you can play the piano and sound like a professional. Video shows improvised notes being played over and over again (no music sheets were ever used or any specific note sequence memorized). It is very important that the rightmost pedal (the sustain) is pressed down at all times. This makes the music sound better with an echo.